Malaysiakini is the news of political site that showing all news whether for BN side of PR side. They were playing role as a main source for everyone that want to get some explaination and review for some issue from both side or independent side.

Laman Malaysiakini Online ini diwujudkan adalah bagi menyediakan satu platform bagi memudahkan pembaca mendapat berita terkini secara keseluruhan yang ada dilaman asal Malaysiakini Online. Diharap laman ini dapat mempercepatkan pembaca mendapat maklumat dan berita yang ingin mereka inginkan.

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Introduction Of Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini is a political news website published in English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. Since its launch on November 20, 1999, it has been widely considered to be one of the leading non-government owned paid-news agencies in Malaysia. estimates that Malaysiakini attracts over 170,000 visitors in 2008.[1] Alexa ranked as the 16th most popular web site in Malaysia (ahead of Star) in 2008.[2]

Unlike most news sources in Malaysia, Malaysiakini remains free from government regulation and thus widely considered to be the country's only credible, independent voice. Malaysiakini has gained both praise and notoriety by regularly covering subjects and viewpoints deemed taboo by the mainstream broadcast and print media; the fact that it is still allowed to operate is partly due to the Malaysian government's tolerance regarding internet censorship. The Malaysian government had pledged there would be no control and censorship of Internet content in line with efforts to create the Multimedia Super Corridor.

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